Hi, we are BusinessBirds

Hi! We are the four girls from BusinessBirds. Our project consists of designing an innovative mobile game that is not only fun, but also teaches the player about one of the SDGs.

The ladies

We are four girls from IND21. Each of us is unique and can contribute something important to our game design. The Team consist of Magda, Tanja, Lory and Lea.

U wanna see what we can do?


corporate design, animation
quality assurance


Technical advisor & visual artist focused on environment art


UI design, layout, organization
& head blogista 


Character design, concept artist
& gameplay enthusiast


Designer, Animator, Quality Assurance & Concept

Magda has never been into gaming the way her team-colleges were. Nevertheless, Magical worlds, fantasy creatures and captivating stories have been a part of her life ever since she started reading and writing stories. Nowadays, stunning visuals and amazing stories combined in gripping, animated trailers set her heart on fire. Perfectionism, an eye for details and her experience in the field match her responsibilities as Quality Assurance and Animator.


technical advisor & environment art

Tanja’s passion lies at the intersection of art and tech. Due to her background in programming as well as graphic design, she is able to give valuable input in both fields. Therefore, she is responsible for the game mechanics, giving technical advice and most of all, the environment art.


organization & screen design

Lorena would describe herself as a gamer girl and although she usually shoots her opponents (and so on), she is happy to create a game that is more peaceful. She has always been fascinated by magical and fantastic stories and has found her place in the team as the organizer and screen designer.


concept artist & character designer

While occasionally being able to enjoy playing a game herself, growing up with an older brother has made Lea a professional in the art of backseat-gaming. As such, she has learned to appreciate all the pretty details in games others might only play for their mechanics. Combining this fascination for game aesthetics with her lifelong obsession with drawing and bringing the ideas her wild imagination produces to paper makes her an invaluable asset to the team.






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