Process Documentation

  • WHAT? A Golden Pineapple Award?!

    WHAT? A Golden Pineapple Award?!

    Too stunned to speak. This feels like an Oscar :,) We are grateful to have won the Pineapple Award for Visuals and Screen Design. We really put in a lot of effort and appreciate the award for our hard work. Thanks to the jury! Missed out on our GRANDE FINALE, or TRAILER-RELEASE? Better late than…

  • Grande Finale

    Grande Finale

    Wow wow wow! Is this our final Booklet!? Pls scroll the white page is just there OMG Too stunned to speak? Honestly: Same. Lory outdid herself in this awesome work. <3Imagine how magnificent this looks as a printed booklet. PS.: Lory did not write that there is no self praise here Our Game Trailer In…

  • Nice merch girl

    Nice merch girl

    Shoutout to the one and only Magda

  • Levels, OMG

    Levels, OMG

    Level 1 Village The girl’s home village where she finds the light and starts her journey. She meets villager NPCs and the player learns to interact with simple puzzles. Level 2 Light woods A grove filled with old, warped trees. The girl meets a woman who lost her necklace and firstly interacts with the monsters. …

  • Hey, we also have characters!

    Hey, we also have characters!

    GLEAM A young Girl named Gleam, born in darkness but nevertheless a shiny, happy and most of all hopeful little girl. She is rather lonely in this dark, sad world and had to grow up way too fast, but nevertheless: No power in this world could take away her kindness. Her heart is very pure,…

  • AHH, Screens!

    AHH, Screens!

    Interface The phone is being held in landscape mode, there- fore two thumbs can be comfortably used to inter- act with the game. The look of the interface consists of a dark environ- ment from which light icons appear and shine. Feedback Mechanisms – walking/running to the left/right – up: jump – down: crouch/duck –…

  • The Trailer

    The Trailer

    Get ready for an amazing story and immaculate vibes animated by the one, the only, the incredible Magda! Special Thanks also to Aron Petritz who not only provided us with his angelic voice, but also with a music score that really makes the world of GLEAM feel alive. You can find him on instagram via…

  • The damn player experience

    The damn player experience

    We tested the playability and enjoyment with our target audience. There were no problems regarding the UX-Design and Game Walkthrough, also the backstory and mission were very clear. Based on the more detailed feedback, we corrected parts of the UI-Design, as the Player confused the “Light-Scale” for the Level-Progress. We separated the level–Icon and “Light-Scale”…

  • The gender topic but it’s about men

    The gender topic but it’s about men

    Since the main character “Gleam” is a young girl, we wondered, are there people who, because of the gender of the character, will not want to play the game? Especially quickly, men appeared in our minds who, when they realized it was a little girl they would be playing, become grumpy. That’s why we decided…

  • Hooked on the look

    Hooked on the look

    When we asked ourselves what hooks there are in our game, we came across a few different aspects. The three categories mechanical, narrative and visual hooks were already worked into the game automatically, without much thought, which surprised us positively and testified that we work efficiently—without intending to. The mechanical hook What is the easiest…

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