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A young Girl named Gleam, born in darkness but nevertheless a shiny, happy and most of all hopeful little girl. She is rather lonely in this dark, sad world and had to grow up way too fast, but nevertheless: No power in this world could take away her kindness. Her heart is very pure, unlike the ones of the people who once extinguished all light. She stumbled across a tiny light source, spreading warmth and kindness and made it her mission, to bring it back to where it belongs.

The Spirit of light

The powerful dragon atop the mountain is known to humans as the Spirit of Light. For centuries, the benevolent creature watched as humankind evolved, gladly sharing its gift of light with the people. As humanity grew greedy and wasteful, the being in turn grew angry and resentful of the people who had once revered it as a god. With the people robbing it of its light, the spirit became mad with rage and turned not only against humanity, but against light itself. Its anger manifested as darkness and chaos, taking hold of the darkness in people’s hearts and destroying the gift that they had so greedily taken for themselves. The dragon’s madness corrupted everything in its path, possibly even the dragon’s own soul. It now lays slumbering on the highest peak of the mountain, blinded and held down by shadows created by its frustration.


These shadow creatures are what has become of those unable to resist the darkness. Some were once animals, some even human. Infested with the spirit’s rage, they roam the lands in search of the last remnants of light, determined to destroy them. While a few of these creatures might have retained some of their former traits, most of them were fully taken over by shadows. They are driven by madness that clouds their minds, and most are no longer capable of rational thinking.


Darkness tried to invade all and everything, only kindness, hope and mindfulness stopping it from entering one’s body. Those who were wasteful partly turned into darkness themselves, with it taking over parts of their body as well as their mind. They appear to be grumpy, angry and mean but also very human, emotional, and they have got a good heart beneath all the roughness. 

Those who were not changed by the light tried to survive, lived off what they saved prior to the darkness, trying to stay hopeful and keep each other alive. It is the community that keeps them going, the compassionate words and the stories of better days – way before it all turned dark. They like to help the player by giving hints, items or gadgets, but from time to time they might need the player’s help too.






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