Hooked on the look

When we asked ourselves what hooks there are in our game, we came across a few different aspects.

The three categories mechanical, narrative and visual hooks were already worked into the game automatically, without much thought, which surprised us positively and testified that we work efficiently—without intending to.

The mechanical hook

What is the easiest way to get the player to want to play the game? That’s right! With a gripping story. The player is thrown into the dark and creepy world of “Gleam” and at first does not know what has happened. You automatically act to escape from this unpleasant situation and thus continue playing. In order to guide this effect through the game, one must constantly master new tasks and puzzles.

The narrative hook

As with the mechanical hook, the narrative hook begins with the gripping story that is told at the beginning. The world turned dark because of the selfish and wasteful people and the player, a little girl who is supposed to be the salvation. The mission to bring back the light.

There are also constant side quests and stories of the NPCs throughout the game.

The visual hook

The look of the game is stunning. What starts out as darkness and colourlessness becomes a firework of beauty as the game progresses. The game indicates a level up with increasing brightness and colour.






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