Levels, OMG

Level 1 Village

The girl’s home village where she finds the light and starts her journey. She meets villager NPCs and the player learns to interact with simple puzzles.

Level 2 Light woods

A grove filled with old, warped trees. The girl meets a woman who lost her necklace and firstly interacts with the monsters. 

Level 3 Dark woods

The forest here is more dense and threatening. Gleam meets a grumpy old man who searches for his grandson. 

Level 4 Cave

In the cave the girl has to jump over cliffs and finds out more about the dragon atop.

Level 5 Temple

Here lie the ruins of a destroyed temple. A monk tells Gleam the story of what happened and they need help. She has to help to get water back.

Level 6 Mountain Top

The snowy top of the mountain, where the final fight against the spirit of light takes place.






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