The Story

Once upon a time, there lived a mighty being atop the mountain, known to the world as the spirit of light. As it watched humankind evolve, the spirit decided to share with them its gift of light. A beautiful, healthy world evolved, fuelled by the dragon’s energy.

But with centuries passing by, people started taking more and more light, wasting energy and using it for the wrong purposes. Selfishness and greed spread among them and the once harmonic world shifted.

With humanity carelessly continuing to steal its gift, the great spirit became mad with rage and turned not only against humanity, but against light itself.

What remained was a world taken by darkness and anger, the last grips and pieces of light scattered in the wind.

A small girl makes it her mission to restore light and happiness by taking matters into her own hands and returning the last bits of light to the dragon on top of the mountain. The environment, as well as nature itself, are turning against her, making it harder and harder to reach her goal. Nevertheless, by finding clever solutions, outsmarting enemies and skilful movements, she is able to reach the summit. The dragon, in its imbalance due to the absence of light, fights her, and she has to outsmart it, before reuniting it with its peace-spreading light.

Mid-point experience

Due to kind interactions with strangers (NPC’s) on her way, helping them out and spreading love and support, each level — which resembles a certain part of the mountain — the game is unique, not only in its riddles but also due to the storyline. Those creatures provide tips, tricks and helpful gadgets. But besides all the positive effects the light brings to the world, it is still very rare, which is why one has to think resourcefully and be mindful.

Game Mood






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