What? There is a genre?!

Gleam is a puzzle – adventure mobile game for young adults and adults, consisting of an overall captivating story and various interesting puzzles and obstacles.

It consists of 6 levels that stretch from a village to the highest point of the mountain. You have to help the girl to bring the light to its destination unharmed and to illuminate the world. The difficulty consists of various enemies who want to steal the light and also the environment that presents us with obstacles. 

The subconscious learning process is to be more considerate with energy, while helping others and being selfless. Helping others brings the world and nature into harmony.


A puzzle-adventure mobile game, that subconsciously teaches fundamentals of responsible consumption of energy.  The players’ goal is to overcome all environmental obstacles and solving all riddles, thereby reaching the final level, while spreading as much light (and kindness) as possible. In the end, the player reunites the spirit of light with the last bit of light, which makes all brightness and colour return.

Main characters


A little girl with very little resources, on her mission to restore light and help people.

The spirit of light

The spirit of light, a peaceful large dragon, whose loss of light and balance turned it bad.

Shadow Monsters

People and animals infected and transformed by darkness.

Significant Scenes

The prologue shows the effect of greed and wasteful, whilst the gameplay itself shows how much one can truly change.

Game Flow

Level by level the clever girl gets closer and closer to the mountaintop, with the environmental riddles getting more and more difficult.

Primary actions of the player

The character has very basic, human movements like jumping, running and climbing, with special features and movements being unlocked by certain gadgets, for example a small parachute to fly short distances.






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