Is this a market analysis?

The first part of our market analysis consists of four different games which all use the aspect of shadows and light, or at least the same goal as our game is supposed to have. We analysed the kind of riddles and also the interactions that each game makes unique.

But what makes our game unique?

A unique, soothing Story, that one can play anytime. It makes one calm down after a long day of work or school, and it feels like a more fun and engaging activity than watching film.
The backstory is very present in the game due to different stories and interactions with NPCs.

There are small side quests, like helping NPCs which unlock new paths or make the game more interesting due to small tasks like collecting things for someone (you will meet again later in the game), where they support you in achieving something
The riddles are not extremely difficult but rather fun because you have small realizations about objects in your bag that might be of help or NPC’s that might “know the way”. One gets deeper and deeper into a beautiful, artistic world and connects to a catchy real-life-related backstory about responsible consumption.


Choosing a character is not necessary to make the player connect with their character. A third person view is often used in rather stressful games like shooters, and third person view makes a lot more sense for a “Jump and run x Riddle” game.
The riddles in those “similar games” are all connected to the environment or NPCs, & their difficulties range from easy to tricky. Blocking the way is a simple way of including riddles and promotes interaction with NPCs. Most games have a subtle little backstory and the journey is typically about reaching a place or collecting a certain amount of something. A game in which the backstory is more than just a subtle note is rather rare. Graphic styles range from realism to 3D pixelated and 2D graphics. Interactions are quite simple: jumping, running, dragging objects, making decisions. Sometimes the usual interaction changes, for example “swimming faster” instead of running. The sound design is mostly environmental sounds with subtle music.






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