Learning by playing

What is the player expected to learn from playing?

Our SDG goal is Responsible Consumption and Production. So the subconscious learning process is to be more considerate with energy while helping others and being selfless. The game shows the player that helping others brings the world and nature into harmony.

How will this be achieved?

Subconscious Learning: Step by step in different levels, the Player will subconsciously learn certain values by making decisions, for example whether you help someone or not. Through the backstory, the aspects of saving energy/light are the main subject of discussion. By listening to other characters (NPCs) the player learns about the consequences of mass consumption, exploitation and more.

How will the learning be supported and communicated?

Through the different storylines of the NPCs, the player automatically becomes involved and therefore has the opportunity to decide what’s best for the world. You achieve better results if you help others or find more exciting/better paths. Your own progress and speed become less relevant due to the many small side quests and trinkets.

The sequences of learning

There are two types of level increases: On the one hand, in order to reach the goal, you have to solve riddles consisting of “moving objects, sliding and climbing”. In addition, you have to/can help others to solve certain tasks, which also become more challenging level by level.

What is the award for the individual player?

Sharing light makes the world brighter and lets you experience more of your surroundings, additionally your light source grows, as you bring not just brightnesses but also “goodness” back into the world. You are awarded with experiencing more of the game’s design by seeing more colours and more beautiful sceneries.
By helping others, you are not just being rewarded with tips and “different and new regions/paths”, but also with interesting backstories.

The players are free to choose whether they help or not, just like in the real world. It affects the speed with which one reaches the top, but by not helping, one is missing out on fascinating and fun parts of the game.

You have to share light with the world, which is supposed to make you feel like sharing and helping is a very important aspect of life in general.






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