Author: Magdalena Ackerl

  • WHAT? A Golden Pineapple Award?!

    WHAT? A Golden Pineapple Award?!

    Too stunned to speak. This feels like an Oscar :,) We are grateful to have won the Pineapple Award for Visuals and Screen Design. We really put in a lot of effort and appreciate the award for our hard work. Thanks to the jury! Missed out on our GRANDE FINALE, or TRAILER-RELEASE? Better late than…

  • Grande Finale

    Grande Finale

    Wow wow wow! Is this our final Booklet!? Pls scroll the white page is just there OMG Too stunned to speak? Honestly: Same. Lory outdid herself in this awesome work. <3Imagine how magnificent this looks as a printed booklet. PS.: Lory did not write that there is no self praise here Our Game Trailer In…

  • AHH, Screens!

    AHH, Screens!

    Interface The phone is being held in landscape mode, there- fore two thumbs can be comfortably used to inter- act with the game. The look of the interface consists of a dark environ- ment from which light icons appear and shine. Feedback Mechanisms – walking/running to the left/right – up: jump – down: crouch/duck –…