Author: Lorena Roesener

  • Is this a market analysis?

    Is this a market analysis?

    The first part of our market analysis consists of four different games which all use the aspect of shadows and light, or at least the same goal as our game is supposed to have. We analysed the kind of riddles and also the interactions that each game makes unique. But what makes our game unique?…

  • What? There is a genre?!

    What? There is a genre?!

    Gleam is a puzzle – adventure mobile game for young adults and adults, consisting of an overall captivating story and various interesting puzzles and obstacles. It consists of 6 levels that stretch from a village to the highest point of the mountain. You have to help the girl to bring the light to its destination…

  • Gleam


    The Story Once upon a time, there lived a mighty being atop the mountain, known to the world as the spirit of light. As it watched humankind evolve, the spirit decided to share with them its gift of light. A beautiful, healthy world evolved, fuelled by the dragon’s energy. But with centuries passing by, people…

  • BusinessBirds and the look of Penguins

    BusinessBirds and the look of Penguins

    This is our Corporate Design. The Logo consists of a penguin and a tie. We chose a penguin because they are team players. They are fun and business combined. Just like us! LOL

  • Hi, we are BusinessBirds

    Hi, we are BusinessBirds

    Hi! We are the four girls from BusinessBirds. Our project consists of designing an innovative mobile game that is not only fun, but also teaches the player about one of the SDGs. The ladies We are four girls from IND21. Each of us is unique and can contribute something important to our game design. The…